Le Quattro Stagioni
Place: Sombor, SR Yugoslavia
Time: 1997

The project Le Quattro Stagioni is the result of a one-year action, which took place during the four seasons of 1996. In each season, one member of the association was photographed in 19th century costume.

All four photos were taken on a site recognised by APSOLUTNO as a symbol for the place and time we live in. This is a memorial cemetery where Soviet soldiers were buried, situated on ground belonging to an Orthodox chapel. The communist memorial and the orthodox chapel stand next to each other. Thus, in this place two contrasting and co-existent symbols, the red star and the orthodox cross, are juxtaposed.

The members of APSOLUTNO are photographed as 19th century figures, looking forward to the future. Their impatience to move into the next century is symbolised in the bicycles they are all holding. In order to travel faster, they use a device which is well-known locally: a corncob put into the bicycle wheel.

The photos were used as illustrations for the pseudo-calendar Le Quattro Stagioni, in which dates are marked by numbers in an indication of of how many days remain until the end of the century and millennium.

    0004      Pyrus Communis

Place: Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Time: December, 1996

The frustration of the citizens with the electoral fraud of the votes during the local elections in Serbia manifested itself in mass protests - demonstrative walks which lasted for 109 days, from December 21 till March 20. The protest took largest proportions in Belgrade where as many as 300 000 citizens gathered daily during the protest.
APSOLUTNO realized a street action during which its members gave the protesters pears with attached tags with Latin name, chemical composition, and weight of a pear in free fall. With this gesture APSOLUTNO joined the efforts of the protesters to bring down the governing regime in Yugoslavia.

    0004      0004
Place: Cinema REX, Belgrade, SRYugoslavia
Time: September, 1996

    0004      Kleine Suiten fur Scheifling
Place: Workshop 'Merzvegbau', Schratenberg by Scheifling, Austria
Time: July, 1996

     0005     The Anatomy Class by Professor B. Andric
Place: Wiena, Austria
Time: June, 1995